Hotel Restaurant And Concessions Update – 2/6/15

We have gotten additional information from the hotel on restaurant and concession hours during Farpoint Convention.
Friday 2/13/15
-Northern Lights Restaurant: 6AM to 2PM; 4PM to 10PM with bar open until 2AM
-Cocktail Party Food & Drink cash bars: 7PM to 9PM in Greenspring Ballroom (wristbands must be purchased for $25 at Farpoint Registration for food bar; cash bar is ala carte)
Saturday 2/14/15
-Concessions: 8:30AM to 8PM; 10PM to midnight
-*Northern Lights Restaurant: 6AM to 10PM with bar open until 2AM
-Atrium Cash Bar: 10PM to 12:30AM
Sunday 2/15/15
-Concessions: 8:30AM to 11:00AM
-Northern Lights Restaurant: 6AM to 2PM; 4PM to 10PM
*Hopefully you are still reading this asterisked notice for Saturday night. The hotel is well aware of the challenge our group presents in getting several hundred people fed through a single kitchen and restaurant that seats only 80-100 people at a time. Beyond adding seating to the restaurant, they have a proposed plan for Saturday night that we’ve agreed to try this year to see how things go.
  1. Normal restaurant, concessions and room service from 6AM to 5PM
  2. Dinner buffet with “buffet to go” option, normal concessions, NO room service from 5PM to 9PM
  3. Normal restaurant, concessions and room service from 9PM to closing times
The general manager and chef hope that concentrating service on the buffet during the most busy time will allow them to feed everyone as expeditiously as possible. They plan to “plus up” the offerings beyond their normal dinner buffet and offer the “buffet to go” option for people who wish to eat in their room. The hotel plans that the dinner buffet price will be all-inclusive (food, non-alcoholic drink and tip) so that people can pay eat, pay their bill and go.
We appreciate the hotel’s working with us on this important issue. Please give us feedback after the convention for your opinion on how this dinner service change works for you.​

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