Vendors/Dealers Room & Fan Tables

Farpoint Convention Vendors/Dealers Spaces for 2024 are available now – Click Here!
Farpoint Convention Fan Tables for 2024 are available now –  Click Here!

Questions about Vendors Spaces and Club/Convention Tables at #FarpointCon2024 can be submitted to our Coordinator, Laura Inglis.

Returning Clubs/Conventions MUST fill out a new application form for 2024.

Below is a list of vendors and clubs who joined us in 2023. Feel free to contact them for information and/or additional purchases and commissions, and please let them know you heard about them via Farpoint Convention.

Artway Alliance
Beautiful Freak Cosmetics
Bob Bretz
Browncoat Ball
Crowning Beauty
Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Dan Nokes/21st Sandshark Studios
Dennis Robinson
DubBryan Studios
Edward Swing
Eternia Dreams
Friendship and Fandoms
Fire Forged Press
Frank T 3D productions
Gillimurphy Press
Halycon Designs
Happy Hookers
Hats and Spats
John Maclay
Josh Pritchett Jr
Key Lime Creations
Kim Headlee
Laura Inglis Illustration
Manfish Inc
Michael D’Ambrosio
Mike Creager
Retro Daddio  
Richard Sands
The Rose of Valhalla
Shore Leave
Southern Maryland Comic Con
Starfleet Region 7
The Rose of Valhalla
Thru Sherri’s Eyes
Tokki’s Whimsical Times
Trek Plus
Typhlogan Art
Walt’s Cards
Warped Vortex Art
Whimsical Dragons
W.L. Swarts

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  1. The ‘links’ to Laura Inglis are dead and no contact information is provided. This would be a lot easier if there were an e-mail address or some contact information on here for where we submit this form other than a name.

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