Cosplay/Costuming Programming

FARPOINT 2024 Costuming and Cosplay Guests are Coming Soon and the list will be updated as invitations are accepted.

Costumers/Cosplayers interested in submitting ideas for this track should apply using our Programming Application (coming soon).

Join our guests on panels discussing everything from costume building, presentation, props, makeup and more!

Congratulations to all our
2023 Masquerade Costume Contest Winners!

Download our 2023 Masquerade Video Here

Workmanship Awards

Honorable Mention: Maskwork
“Casey Jones” – Richard Glenn Schafer

Honorable Mention: Prop Guitar
“Eddie Munson” – Jessica & Nathan Schell

Honorable Mention: Forging & Repurposing
“Two Little Goblins” – Liz Scott & Laura Scott

Honorable Mention: Foamwork
“Boss Raiden Shogon” – Sydney Fryer

Honorable Mention: 2D to 3D Sysnthesis/Pattern Drafting
“Empress Rey” – Kelley Nymph

Best First Costume
“Padme Tatooine Homestead” – Lady Whispers

Best Young Fan – Workmanship
“Princess Astro” – Carly Levin-Holmgren

Best Recreation – Workmanship
“Bender Bending Rodriquez” – Probably Topher

Most Original – Workmanship
“DJ Trax” – Paul Lashbrooks

Best Workmanship
“R2DTudor” – Maria Maychack & Beau Hickey

Genre Awards
Science Fiction Category
– 3rd Place: “Padme Tatooine Homestead” – Lady Whispers
– 2nd Place: “Empress Rey” – Kelley Nymph
– 1st Place: “R2DTudor” – Maria Maychack & Beau Hickey

Fantasy Category
– 3rd Place: “The Joke is on You” – “Doc” Rasey & Stephanie Kiss
– 2nd Place: “Boss Raiden Shogon” – Sydney Fryer
– 1st Place: “Two Little Goblins” – Liz Scott & Laura Scott

Special Awards
Ninjas’ Choice Award
– “Tenth Doctor” – Brendon Barrington

Dan Books Memorial Award for Excellence
– “Kidalorian” – VioletteVerse

Robbie Greenberger Originality Award
– “R2DTudor” – Maria Maychack & Beau Hickey

Most Humorous
– “The Joke is on You” – “Doc” Rasey & Stephanie Kiss

Best Recreation
“Bender Bending Rodriquez” – Probably Topher

Best Presentation
– “Skill of Jedi” – William Books

Most Original
– “Two Little Goblins” – Liz Scott & Laura Scott

Best In Show
– “R2DTudor” – Maria Maychack & Beau Hickey

Below are the programs offered at #FarpointCon 2023. For more information about our Costuming and Cosplay Programming, please send an email to our Cosplay Team.

Masquerade Costume Contest: Farpoint’s Masquerade for costumers and cosplayers is one of the highlights of the con! Novices and seasoned pros alike bring their original and recreation costumes to the stage in a feast for the senses and the funny bone! New costumers are always welcome to compete (don’t be shy!).

Fix-n-Finish Lounge: Hang out with other costumers and repair or complete your costume in our open work area and “lounge” Some equipment/supplies will be available. (Friday Only 1:00pm to Midnight!)

Farpoint Masquerade 101: Are you new(ish) to competing a costume at Farpoint? This panel will go over the standard operating procedures for this convention from the perspective of the costumer. If you have any questions like “where do I go?” “what do I need to do beforehand?” “what happens in the green room & backstage? “Where should I go onstage?” “What do I do when I’m done?”, this is the place to get them answered.

Cosplay From 2D to 3D: How to adapt a 2D picture to a 3D cosplay.

Masquerade Presentation Workshop: For those who have a costume and need help with a presentation for Masquerade. Or if you already have an idea and want a fresh pair of eyes to help you with it. If you need help with audio. If you need a complete presentation. I am here to help you make a better Masquerade.

I Ain’t Afraid Of No Cosplay: A discussion on building elaborate cosplay and props.

Masquerade Workmanship: A Guide: What are the workmanship awards and how are they judged? What is documentation? Tips on what to show — and what not to show — when you take your costume to be judged for the work you put into making it.

Makerspaces: The Ultimate Resource For Cosplayers: Members of Nova Labs will discuss the various ways cosplayers can use makerspaces for their costumes and props.

Lions And Tigers And Baby Yodas, Oh My!: Using puppets with your costumes.

Masquerade Critique: Re-live the Masquerade and discuss what worked and what did not in a round table discussion.

Cosplay Self-Destructs: Prat falls of cosplay and how to deal with them.

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