Con Report: Farpoint 2015

Thank you to all of our members and guests who helped make Farpoint 2015 a wonderful convention. We welcomed 659 people through the door, holding our own as far as attendance, which is good.

Colin Ferguson, Tim Russ and Timothy Zahn all had nothing but superlatives when leaving. They enjoyed meeting all of you as much as you enjoyed meeting them, and they hope to be invited back for a future event. Tim Russ, especially, was wonderful in his guest starring role with Prometheus Radio Theatre on Friday night. If you missed “The Maltese Vulcan” it will be podcast by Prometheus Radio Theatre sometime soon. You can subscribe to the PRT podcast on their website,

We received many compliments this year from members on the excellent and varied panel topics staged this year. This needs to be turned back around to the guests and members who both suggested topics but also participated on the panels. The contributions of our guests and members is priceless; we couldn’t do it without you all.

Photos from our official photographer have been added to our Facebook page ( Please enjoy looking at them and feel free to share your own photos with us. There were some wonderful costumes on display this year, especially, that deserve a second or third look via photograph.

On to the not-so-good: our hotel sales manager and the general manager were both very embarrassed at receiving our reports on the poor quality of service we experienced this weekend. They both extend their apologies to us and to you all. Our discussions with them are ongoing, but we can tell you at this time that they have proposed ideas to apologize to all of you and show their appreciation should we decide to return in 2016. Farpoint will also be discussing our hotel experiences with the organizing committee of ChessieCon, which is held in the same hotel in November. Sharing information with them and monitoring their experience with the hotel this fall will show us if the promised improvements are in place.

Farpoint 2015 was a great show! Thank you again to our members and guests, and a special thank you to the Farpoint Committee, Staff and Helpers. Their dedication makes the convention happen every year.

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  1. I am sorry I missed all the fun this year but hope to finally return to Farpoint to join my fellow Starfleet members who attend it, next year. From the reports we received, it was a lot of fun. We appreciate the committee’s once again allowing us meeting space and a recruitment table during the weekend. We thank you for this as it is allows us to promote our international organization. The only negative noted by our members, and which we know is out of the convention committee’s hands, concerns issues of the hotel. We know some of these issues may resolve themselves when new management/ownership takes over before next year’s Farpoint. As the area has a number of hotels close by to the convention location, a change in venue to where some of us stay is also being considered. Farpoint remains a nice winter retreat for fans and Starfleet members look forward to this traditional outing each year. Thanks again for putting on a great event!

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