Con Report: Mego Meet 2014

As the changing of Spring to Summer comes closer upon us, main convention season starts to arise. The very small convention that starts to kick this season of cons off is Mego Meet. At its Tenth Year, this convention or “meet” that focuses on cherishing the popular line of Mego Action figures release in the 1970s has had a great boost in attendance. This is Farpoint’s Report on Mego Meet 2014.

Even though Farpoint does not get a table(Since only dealer’s tables are available), Farpoint Representatives Christian(myself), Steven, Ethan, and Renee Wilson attend it every year since its creation. Held in Wheeling West Virginia, it is held at the Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum. Museum? Yes, that’s right! Even though Mego Meet goes on downstairs on the ground floor, there are two floors of Toys and Trains in a Museum at no extra charge to the Membership. Speaking also of memberships, this event is for only ONE DAY. 9 AM to 5 PM. While that sounds short there are still dealers and panels(Which only get ONE ROOM) to attend, as well as concessions and the upstairs museum. The earlier-mentioned panels are quite a narrow range, but that’s OK since it is a very narrow-genre-centric convention. Panels include the one and only Dr. Mego as well as auctions and other Create-Your-Own-Toy events. With a lot of history behind the multiple lines of action figures, there is much to talk about and audience participation is very much wanted and accepted. Dr. Mego usually shows new production models and other indev projects.

I mentioned earlier that this is the con’s tenth year. This means there are many longish-standing traditions to be had, like every year there is a new custom Mego that is available for purchase and a FREE KEYCHAIN!!! I know that’s not big, but I like to make it a big deal. Also I mentioned that there were dealers too. There are a lot of dealers. There pretty much the main attraction as the items on sale can range from custom Doctor Who Megos to a 1978 Star Wars Death Star Playset. The dealers are an ever-growing “race” of Mego “Meeters” because they now take up three rooms. In the way of guests, the convention doesn’t have a huge following or a big budget so not too many guests are really in their demographic. However, the earlier-mentioned Dr. Mego comes as well as comic book author and artist Art Baltazar comes with his large collection of custom Megos.

Well, that’s it! Make sure to check out Mego Meet at their website and be sure to check back for more reports on other conventions coming soon!


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