VIRTUAL CONVENTION UPDATE #2 – with surprise guests!

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The schedule for #FarpointCon2021 has been published! The link to access the event will be published once we have finished setup and testing of our online platform. Links are also coming soon for our virtual Program Book and updated KonOpas interactive schedule app. Attendance at #FarpointCon2021 is FREE for all and does not require advance registration.

We are thrilled to announce that our friends John Billingsley from “Enterprise” and his wife Bonita Friedricy from “Chuck” will be making an appearance with us on Saturday 2/20/21 at 4:00 PM EST! John and Bonnie are fan favorite guests and are sure to bring the fun with them in their conversation with us. One of their important focuses during the pandemic has been their work with the Hollywood Food Coalition. Please visit to learn more about this important cause.

We will be having a virtual Masquerade Costume Contest as part of our #FarpointCon2021 online event. Please note that it will take place on SUNDAY 2/21/21 at 1:00 PM EST instead of its normal Saturday evening placement on our schedule.

Our Hal’s Place Gaming Oasis is also planning some virtual activities during #FarpointCon2021! Please bookmark their page here on our website for updates as they become available.

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  1. Hi there and just wondering if it’s possible that still submit panel request for the virtual Farpoint? Could someone please tell me the e-mail address to send a request?

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