Update Rules And Policies – 1/18/15

If you are following our Farpoint website, you may have noticed that we have  updated our convention Rules and Policies. We review them each year prior to the convention and wanted to draw particular attention to this year’s changes.
  1. We re-organized the list into sections covering Convention Memberships, Hotel & Conduct to make it easier for members to locate information on a specific rule/policy.
  2. The advent of e-cigarettes and vapor pens caused us to confer with our hotel about the use of these new devices for smoking. The hotel has expanded their no smoking policy to include e-cigarettes and vapor pens, along with traditional tobacco products. Smoking of any kind must be done in the designated smoking areas outside of the hotel with the exception of the few smoking sleeping rooms available, which are assigned on a first come basis when you check in.
  3. Farpoint is a convention about science fiction in its multiple forms and science fiction fans in their diversity of age, sex, orientation, religion, etc. We do not tolerate harassment or bullying of any kind and have updated our rules to specifically state this. It is sad that we need to specify in writing our requirements for members to treat each other with tolerance and respect, but unfortunately important in today’s society.
Please contact us with any questions you have about our convention rules and policies.

One thought on “Update Rules And Policies – 1/18/15”

  1. Thanks for the confirmation about e-cigarettes. I was at a baseball game last year and suddenly there was this smell from nowhere. It turned out it was someone in the row ahead of me smoking one of these. I was really tempted to get someone to do something about it, but I was not up for possibly causing a scene.

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