Farpoint 2024 Autograph Information

Pricing for Autographs and At-The-Table Photos with our celebrity guests will be published here when established. The guests’ signing tables will be in the lower level of the hotel convention center outside of the main ballroom. Any purchases will be in CASH only. We will once again be offering our member perk of 1 complimentary signature from the celebrity guest of your choice – 1 signature on Saturday and 1 on Sunday, meaning 3-day weekend members will receive 2 signatures over the weekend.  If you are attending Saturday or Sunday only, you will receive 1 complimentary signature the day you attend. You will be able to redeem your daily (Saturday or Sunday) complimentary signature and purchase additional signatures or selfie at the same time. 


***There will be a table on the lower level of the hotel convention center where you can purchase photos of our guests to be signed, with the proceeds benefitting our charities, courtesy of our friends at GRREAT ENTERTAINMENT. Photos can be purchased with cash, check or credit card.***

Please remember, with all guests, to practice courtesy and common sense when asking for an autograph. Due to our relaxed atmosphere, you will frequently see Farpoint guests in the hotel restaurants and bars. Please do not interrupt their meals or private conversations.

We know it’s important to you to have that special memento of your meetings with someone you admire, so it’s important to us, too! If you have any questions or need help, please speak with a Guest Relations staff member at the autograph area or stop by our Information Desk for assistance. 

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    1. The hotel has a cafe that will be serving grab and go items, as well as a bar and restaurant serving food and drinks. We are across the highway from a shopping center that includes a Wegmans as well as multiple fast casual food outlets.

  1. Hi, I’m Shannon McRandle, the model hired in 1999 to be the face and body of Mara Jade by Decipher and LFL. I live in VB, VA. Very close. I’d love to be at the event and co-sign Star Wars merch for con goers. It’s an easy drive. I have plenty of stock and can follow any set signing rules you have. I’ve not signed w Tim in a decade and think it would be a real treat for SW fans. Please have webmaster or con runner call me. 757-469-7171.

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