Farpoint Convention 2019 Guest Updates & Autographs

Everyone is getting very excited about our 2019 celebrity guests – Wallace Shawn, Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen! We’ve also been updating the guest lists for each of our program tracks, which you can find on the programming page of our website.

Farpoint’s tradition has been to provide each attendee with one complimentary signature from the celebrity guest of their choice each of the two days (Saturday and Sunday) that guests sign. The complimentary signature is on an item you bring from your personal collection to be signed or the convention program book. Additional signatures and items the celebrity guest has brought with them to the convention can be purchased and signed at the same time you are redeeming your complimentary signature. This means that every 3-day weekend convention member gets 2 complimentary signatures during the weekend, providing you with increased value for your convention membership ticket!

Guests from our program tracks are glad to sign your book, collectible item or convention program book at no charge. They will also be bringing copies of their books and other creations with them to have for sale at their table and/or during their scheduled autograph times.

If you have any questions about our guests or obtaining autographs during the convention, please email us and we will be happy to help you get the most out of your #FarpointCon2019 experience.

One thought on “Farpoint Convention 2019 Guest Updates & Autographs”

  1. One time in, maybe, 1986 or so, Wayne Gretzky was signing autographs at Kaufmann”s. I have no idea why. But I was 8-ish and a huge Penguin and hockey fan, so my father took me to meet the Great One. We waited in line for quite some time while Gretzky carefully wrote individually customized messages to everyone. When I finally got to the front of the line, on a dare from my father I said, “Hey Wayne, do you think if you work hard enough you might be as good as Mario someday? He forced a chuckle through obvious irritation and gave me a very un-customized autograph that said just his name. A year later I got to tell Mario himself this story at a Penguins At Your Service dinner and he loved it.

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