Update Rules And Policies – 1/18/15

If you are following our Farpoint website, you may have noticed that we have  updated our convention Rules and Policies. We review them each year prior to the convention and wanted to draw particular attention to this year’s changes.
  1. We re-organized the list into sections covering Convention Memberships, Hotel & Conduct to make it easier for members to locate information on a specific rule/policy.
  2. The advent of e-cigarettes and vapor pens caused us to confer with our hotel about the use of these new devices for smoking. The hotel has expanded their no smoking policy to include e-cigarettes and vapor pens, along with traditional tobacco products. Smoking of any kind must be done in the designated smoking areas outside of the hotel with the exception of the few smoking sleeping rooms available, which are assigned on a first come basis when you check in.
  3. Farpoint is a convention about science fiction in its multiple forms and science fiction fans in their diversity of age, sex, orientation, religion, etc. We do not tolerate harassment or bullying of any kind and have updated our rules to specifically state this. It is sad that we need to specify in writing our requirements for members to treat each other with tolerance and respect, but unfortunately important in today’s society.
Please contact us with any questions you have about our convention rules and policies.

General News Update – 12/11/14

 Dear Farpoint Friends,
We hope this finds you well. Below are the top ten items to check off your list in preparation for joining us at the con this February.
1. Pre-register for the convention – you can register online at https://farpointcon.com/register-2/ or print out the flier (https://farpointcon.com/flier/) to mail your registration in. Your advantage to pre-registering is that you save money. Our advantage is that your pre-registration helps keep our pre-convention working capital healthy as we use the income from pre-registrations to pay our upfront costs such as equipment rental fees, hotel deposits and printing. The pre-registration deadline is January 31, 2015.
2. Book your hotel room – information about our hotel is found at https://farpointcon.com/hotel-information/. We recommend that you call the hotel directly at 410-252-7373 to reserve your room as the hotel website has been displaying glitches in accepting registrations at this time. The hotel reservation deadline is January 15, 2015.
3. Follow Farpoint Convention on social media – along with our website blog here at www.FarpointCon.com, we can be found on Facebook as Farpoint Convention (https://www.facebook.com/FarpointCon?ref=aymt_homepage_panel) and on Twitter as @FarpointCon. These outlets are the only places you will get official news and discussion about Farpoint.
4. Tell your friends you’re going to Farpoint and invite them to come, too – you’ll always find new friends at Farpoint, but bringing along someone from home doubles the fun!
5. Decide what items you will bring for Colin Ferguson and Tim Russ to autograph – this year all registered convention members receive one signature at no extra charge each day on an item they present at the actor’s signing table. Get Tim’s signature on your item on Saturday and Colin’s on Sunday as part of your convention membership fee. Both guests will have additional items for sale/signature at the convention and will also sign your additional items for a fee. The actor’s fees will be announced closer to the convention.
6. Check out the 2015 panel list on our website and volunteer to participate – the 2015 list is organized by program track and we invite you to consider being a panelist. The list should be hitting our website ASAP, but if you can’t wait write to us at programs@farpointcon.com to request a copy.
7. Make plans to arrive on Friday – our programs start in the early afternoon and go on through Friday evening, with the Cocktail Party and Opening Ceremonies planned to start at 8:00 pm. The hotel’s famous all-you-can-eat fresh pasta bar will be available again (members must purchase a food wristband to partake of the buffet) along with a cash bar. Even if you eat elsewhere, attending the Opening Ceremonies is a must to see the presentation of the 2015 Volker/McChesney Award for Service to Fandom and a performance by Prometheus Radio Theatre with special guests Colin Ferguson and Tim Russ.
8. Start collecting books to bring for signing at the Friday Night Book Fair and during the weekend – the Friday Night Book Fair starts after the Opening Ceremonies. Our author guests, including Timothy Zahn, will be available at the Fair to sign your books and also at other times throughout the weekend. All our authors will be signing your books at no extra charge and will also have copies of their latest releases for sale at the convention.
9. Work on your costume for the hall and/or Masquerade – we are always looking for the new and next in costuming and cosplay. If you have a costume but would like to fine tune your presentation, make sure to check out the Saturday morning presentation workshop at the convention. Our panel of experts will answer your questions and help you tweak your presentation in plenty of time for you to register for the Masquerade on Saturday night!
10. Look in your closets for items to donate to the Charity Auction – instead of gathering dust or taking up space, please consider donating your extra collectibles to a worthy cause, The Julien Fleming Memorial Fund (www.jfmf.org). Please contact our Charity Auction coordinators at auctions@farpointcon.com to let them know the item(s) you have to donate or to ask any questions.
We are looking forward to seeing you all in February!

Local Conventions = Small Business

You may not realize but supporting Farpoint Convention and other local conventions contributes to the area economy! Our members are purchasing food, renting hotel rooms and buying merchandise from our dealers during the convention. Farpoint as a business entity is renting exhibit space and hotel rooms, purchasing supplies and services, and even paying our taxes to the local government. Your choice to attend Farpoint keeps our unique convention going from one year to the next and helps the small businesses that support Farpoint Convention’s infrastructure.

Small Business Saturday is Saturday, 11/29/2014 – please consider pre-registering for Farpoint 2015 at https://farpointcon.com/register-2/ or purchase a membership as a gift for that special fan in your life. Thank you for being a member of the Farpoint Convention family.





Autograph Policy Updates

Hey Farp Fanatics!

The Farpoint Committee has recently updated it’s Autograph policy that will take effect in 2015 and remain active for the foreseeable future. The following updates are listed below:

1. Each convention member is eligible for one celebrity signature at no extra charge each day. You, the member, may choose the celebrity guest (Tim Russ or Colin Ferguson) for this signature. The member’s convention badge will be punched at the time the no extra charge signature is redeemed.

2. Weekend members will have two no extra charge signatures (one for Saturday and one for Sunday). Saturday and Sunday only members will have one no extra charge signature on the day they attend the convention.

3. Items available for sale at the celebrity’s table are not eligible for the no extra charge signature. The item presented for the no extra charge signature must be one already owned by the member.

4. Convention members may present an item for the no extra charge signature and purchase additional item(s) from the celebrity guest at the same time.

5. All author guests, including Timothy Zahn, will be signing books already owned by the member at no extra charge. Our author guests will have copies of their books for sale at the convention for purchase and signature as well.

We hope you like these new policies! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a comment below or e-mail us at farpointsocialmedia@gmail.com.

Your Questions Answered – Part 4

This is the fourth in a semi-regular series of answers to some of the most common questions we receive about Farpoint convention. If there’s a particular question you’d like answered, please let us know either here on our blog or by sending an email to us at contact at farpointcon dot com.

Question: I would like to do a presentation/panel/talk on [INSERT SUBJECT]. How do I get on the schedule? If I get on the schedule, am I a Guest that gets in free?

Answer: Getting on the schedule is as easy as sending a description of your program idea to us at programs at farpointcon dot com. Your idea will be classified into one of our program tracks (science, new media, children/youth, authors, movies/TV, or live performances) and the manager of the track will be in touch with you to continue making arrangements. Anyone submitting a program idea should be aware that while we make every effort to stage your idea as presented, we reserve the right to make changes such as combining your idea with a similar one into a single event. We do this to maximize our resources (time, room space, equipment) and avoid duplicating panels.

Would you be a Guest if your idea is placed on the schedule? The answer ranges from Maybe to No. Fan run conventions like Farpoint rely on our members wanting to participate at the convention; if every person who pitched a program idea got in to the convention at no charge, your favorite convention wouldn’t be around because there would be no money to pay the bills. (We are your favorite convention, right? You’re reading our blog, after all!)

What constitutes a Guest is based upon the guidelines in the Farpoint Operations Manual. The criteria breaks down to whether you are invited by the committee to appear at the convention because of your celebrity or expert in the field status, or you volunteer to discuss a topic of your own interest and the committee accepts your idea for inclusion in the program. Farpoint has 4 categories of program participants:

– Celebrity guests are publicly-known in their field who are invited to appear at the convention. Examples are actors, producers or directors from television and movies or Hugo award-winning authors.
– Individual guests are experts in their field who are invited to appear at the convention. Examples are science fiction and fantasy authors, podcasters, and scientists.
– Groups are composed of more than 2 individual guests who meet the Guest criteria. Examples are film production groups and live performance groups.
– Panelists are convention members who put forward an idea for a discussion panel or offer to speak on a panel created by another. Panelists normally volunteer and are not invited convention guests.

The program participant category you/your idea is placed in is not meant as an insult to you or your idea. On the contrary, some of our best programs have come from volunteer panelists who ask for nothing more than a chance to share their passions. It simply comes down to the economics of staging a convention. We bank on invited Guests having sufficient name recognition and/or expertise in their field to be of interest to potential attendees and bring them in the door. Paying attendees provide us the funds we need to pay the bills and keep coming back every year.

Con Report: Mego Meet 2014

As the changing of Spring to Summer comes closer upon us, main convention season starts to arise. The very small convention that starts to kick this season of cons off is Mego Meet. At its Tenth Year, this convention or “meet” that focuses on cherishing the popular line of Mego Action figures release in the 1970s has had a great boost in attendance. This is Farpoint’s Report on Mego Meet 2014.

Even though Farpoint does not get a table(Since only dealer’s tables are available), Farpoint Representatives Christian(myself), Steven, Ethan, and Renee Wilson attend it every year since its creation. Held in Wheeling West Virginia, it is held at the Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum. Museum? Yes, that’s right! Even though Mego Meet goes on downstairs on the ground floor, there are two floors of Toys and Trains in a Museum at no extra charge to the Membership. Speaking also of memberships, this event is for only ONE DAY. 9 AM to 5 PM. While that sounds short there are still dealers and panels(Which only get ONE ROOM) to attend, as well as concessions and the upstairs museum. The earlier-mentioned panels are quite a narrow range, but that’s OK since it is a very narrow-genre-centric convention. Panels include the one and only Dr. Mego as well as auctions and other Create-Your-Own-Toy events. With a lot of history behind the multiple lines of action figures, there is much to talk about and audience participation is very much wanted and accepted. Dr. Mego usually shows new production models and other indev projects.

I mentioned earlier that this is the con’s tenth year. This means there are many longish-standing traditions to be had, like every year there is a new custom Mego that is available for purchase and a FREE KEYCHAIN!!! I know that’s not big, but I like to make it a big deal. Also I mentioned that there were dealers too. There are a lot of dealers. There pretty much the main attraction as the items on sale can range from custom Doctor Who Megos to a 1978 Star Wars Death Star Playset. The dealers are an ever-growing “race” of Mego “Meeters” because they now take up three rooms. In the way of guests, the convention doesn’t have a huge following or a big budget so not too many guests are really in their demographic. However, the earlier-mentioned Dr. Mego comes as well as comic book author and artist Art Baltazar comes with his large collection of custom Megos.

Well, that’s it! Make sure to check out Mego Meet at their website and be sure to check back for more reports on other conventions coming soon!


Your Questions Answered – Part 3

This is the third in a semi-regular series of answers to some of the most common questions we receive about Farpoint convention. If there’s a particular question you’d like answered, please let us know either here on our blog or by sending an email to us at contact at farpointcon dot com.

Question: What happens after the convention is over? When do you start planning for the next year? Continue reading Your Questions Answered – Part 3

Your Questions Answered – Part 2

This is the second in a semi-regular series of answers to some of the most common questions we receive about Farpoint convention. If there’s a particular question you’d like answered, please let us know either here on our blog or by sending an email to us at contact at farpointcon dot com.

Question: What kind of convention is Farpoint? Is it a media convention? Autograph show? Comic Con? Continue reading Your Questions Answered – Part 2

Your Questions Answered

This is the first in a semi-regular series of answers to some of the most common questions we receive about Farpoint convention. If there’s a particular question you’d like answered, please let us know either here on our blog or by sending an email to us at trekcontact at Comcast dot net.

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