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Upcoming Convention Deadlines

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Our hotel room block at the Delta Hotel by Marriott closes on January 25, 2022. Make your reservations by using this link or calling the hotel at 410-785-7000 or 800-627-7468.

The deadline for convention pre-registration tickets is February 5, 2022. Tickets can be ordered online from our website or through the mail using our registration flier, which can be found here.

Questions can be sent to us via email at

Farpoint 2022 COVID-19 Guidance

Guests, presenters and program participants will be allowed to remove their masks at their discretion onstage while speaking or performing but must put their mask on when they finish.

VIRTUAL CONVENTION UPDATE #2 – with surprise guests!

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The schedule for #FarpointCon2021 has been published! The link to access the event will be published once we have finished setup and testing of our online platform. Links are also coming soon for our virtual Program Book and updated KonOpas interactive schedule app. Attendance at #FarpointCon2021 is FREE for all and does not require advance registration.

We are thrilled to announce that our friends John Billingsley from “Enterprise” and his wife Bonita Friedricy from “Chuck” will be making an appearance with us on Saturday 2/20/21 at 4:00 PM EST! John and Bonnie are fan favorite guests and are sure to bring the fun with them in their conversation with us. One of their important focuses during the pandemic has been their work with the Hollywood Food Coalition. Please visit to learn more about this important cause.

We will be having a virtual Masquerade Costume Contest as part of our #FarpointCon2021 online event. Please note that it will take place on SUNDAY 2/21/21 at 1:00 PM EST instead of its normal Saturday evening placement on our schedule.

Our Hal’s Place Gaming Oasis is also planning some virtual activities during #FarpointCon2021! Please bookmark their page here on our website for updates as they become available.

Marc Okrand Live Online!

Marc Okrand, professional linguist and creator of the Klingon language, will be chatting with fans and taking your questions on anything from working on Star Trek, creating languages, and translating Shakespeare into the original Klingon on Saturday 8/22/20 at 1:00 pm EDT! This event is part of the free Shore Leave 41.5 virtual program via Zoom – learn more at

Farpoint 2021 Guest Announcement!

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Please join #TeamFarpoint in welcoming Sean Gunn and Maisie Richardson-Sellers as our first celebrity guests for #FarpointCon2021!

Sean Gunn is known for his role as Kraglin in the Marvel Universe films Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. In addition to portraying Kraglin, Sean also provides on-set motion capture performance for Rocket Raccoon for the Marvel Cinematic Universe productions, working in both Guardians films, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame in this capacity. Gilmore Girls fans remember him as Kirk, one of the quirky townies of Stars Hollow.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers is a British actress known for her role as Amaya Jiwe/Vixen and Charlie on The CW superhero series Legends of Tomorrow. She has also played Eva Sinclair on The CW series The Originals, and a starring role as King Saul of Israel’s daughter Michal in the ABC Biblical series Of Kings and Prophets.

Convention membership tickets and hotel room reservations are available now here on our website. We look forward to seeing you at #FarpointCon2021 in February.


Make a tax deductible donation to Farpoint Foundation

Farpoint Convention is scheduled for February 19-21, 2021. The state of Maryland expects to be fully open for business operations and gatherings by this time. We will be working with the hotel to implement any changes to health and safety guidelines required by the state and/or county.

Our first #FarpointCon2021 celebrity guests will be announced Sunday 5/24/20. Keep your eyes on this website and our social media pages for updates.

#FarpointCon2021 membership tickets and hotel reservations are now being accepted; see links on our website.

We plan to work with our friends at ShoreLeave convention to develop virtual content and events in summer 2020 to encourage and entertain fandom while events are postponed. Keep your eyes on our sites and social media for updates.

We are pleased and proud to announce that our new nonprofit, FARPOINT FOUNDATION, has received our official 501(c)3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service. We will happily accept tax-deductible donations from the public and other organizations to further our efforts to support the creative arts in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, comics, horror, and anime. You can donate as part of your #FarpointCon2021 ticket purchase or separately at any time at the link above. Thank you for your past and current support.

We look forward to seeing you at #FarpointCon2021! Our attendees are the most important part of our event. Please send ideas and suggestions to us at

#FarpointCon2020 Thanks!

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Everyone on the Farpoint Convention 2020 committee and staff sends thanks to our guests, vendors and attendees for a wonderful weekend! We are very glad you were with us. Please take all precautions necessary to avoid the Coronavirus pandemic we are currently facing because we want to see everyone at Farpoint Convention 2021, to be held February 19-21, 2021 at the Delta Hotel by Marriott, Hunt Valley, MD. #FarpointCon2021

10 Things To Do At #FarpointCon2020 – First Visit Edition

This is the fourth in a series of posts covering different things to do at #FarpointCon2020 for various attendee groups. If this is your first time attending Farpoint Convention, welcome! We’re glad you’re here and want you to enjoy yourself this weekend. Here are some suggestions for you on things to do during the convention. Places and times from there activities will be found on our convention schedule.

  1. Attend the Opening Ceremony on Friday evening. It starts with a Cocktail Party at 7:00 and there will be cash bars for drinks and food. The Food Bar wristband must be purchased before the program starts at our Registration desk. At 8:00, our hosts will introduce the 2020 Volker/McChesney Award for Service to Fandom winner, leading to a short live auction for our charities and ending with a performance by cabaret performer D’Manda Martini. Many of our guests and attendees will be there and it is a great chance to relax and make new friends.
  2. Attend the Saturday evening Masquerade Costume Contest, or better yet join in as a contestant! Entrants of all ages and costuming experience levels are welcome.
  3. Check out the schedule of panels on favorite movies and television shows and attend the panel focusing on your favorite.
  4. Attend the talk on NASA’s Artemis program to learn the latest plans for USA’s return to the Moon.
  5. Attend talks on Saturday or Sunday (or both) by our celebrity guests Penny Johnson Jerald, Anthony Montgomery and Mary Chieffo and visit them at their signing table for autographs.
  6. Grab a snack in our Marty’s Place Con Suite.
  7. Dance until you drop at our Ten Forward Party Saturday evening.
  8. Play a game or make a craft in Hal’s Place Gaming Oasis.
  9. Enjoy karaoke with the Pack Ratz on Friday evening.
  10. Visit the Art Show and Silent Auction, where you can pick up an original work or find that missing piece for your collection.

This is just a small selection of the many things to do at Farpoint Convention! Drop us a line after the convention and let us know what your favorite was. Maybe even suggest an activity for next year! Details on submitting a Programming Application for #FarpointCon2021 will be published in spring 2020.

Farpoint Convention 2020 Reminders!

Here is a list of upcoming deadlines to help you prepare for #FarpointCon2020, February 21-23, 2020 at the Delta Hotel by Marriott, Hunt Valley, MD.

1. The deadline for hotel room reservations at the convention rate is January 10, 2020. You can book your hotel rooms through our dedicated link.

2. The deadline for pre-registration for the convention is January 31, 2020. You can register online here.

3. We will once again be offering our member perk of 1 complimentary signature from the celebrity guest of your choice – 1 signature on Saturday and 1 on Sunday, meaning 3-day weekend members will receive 2 signatures over the weekend. Our author guests will be available at the Book Fair Friday evening, as well as at various times throughout the weekend with our performer guests at tables in the signing area. It’s a good idea to make a list of items you wish to bring with you to be signed. Right now, guests are taking cash only. We will update this information and the pricing very soon on our website.

4. Questions and suggestions are welcome and can be sent to us online via email or through our social media channels on Facebook (Farpoint Convention), Twitter (@FarpointCon), and Instagram (@FarpointCon). You can use our Farpoint27 Facebook event page to ask about particular events and/or to look for ride and room shares. We hope to see all of you this February. Thank you for your support!

Select a movie for #Farpointcon2020 Friday!

Here’s your chance to contribute to our #FarpointCon2020 #Friday programming! Our friends at Castwave Studios will be bringing us Alternative Commentary 2K20 and they want you to help choose the classic film for their live riff. Make your choice by December 31, 2019 and mark your convention schedule to make sure you’re in the audience! Click on this link to find the poll on our Facebook Events Farpoint Con 27 page!